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Application Procedure


Student applications are submitted via (and processed within) the Swedish national online system Antagning.se. More information and specific details on procedures and necessary documents can be found there. If you don't have a Swedish personal number (Civic Registration Number in Sweden) please use the English versio University Admissions.se and register yourself there before proceeding with a program search.


The University of Gävle and its Admission Office is the decision body for student admission to Energy Online. However, applications and document submission are handled only withinthe University Admissions in Sweden. The online system opens usually on December 1st and closes on January 15th, but the dates may vary slightly from year to year. Complete applications should be submitted within this narrow window, for the academic year starting next autumn.


Applicants lacking the proper background will first be directed towards the three preparatory courses, which start in January. A separate registration for each of the three preparatory courses is necessary, again on Antagning.se, by October 15. See the details for the preparatory courses on the Courses page.


Applying blindly without noticing the eligibility requirements would lead to starting with the preparatory courses the next January after submitting the application, thereafter being able to proceed with Energy Online on the second academic year after the first application was submitted. If you know that you miss the proper background, it is best to quickly register to the preparatory courses by October 15 and then submit the major application to Energy Online in December/January. In this way you would pass the preparatory courses while your application is being considered, allowing you to start with the program during the autumn of the same calendar year.


Applicants who already have the necessary background are also encouraged to join the preparatory courses in order to refresh their knowledge and test how online education is functioning. 



Last edited 22.3.2012